Our Story


Jan and Dale Cohrs bought the Lone Star Bakery in 1978 from Baird to become the sixth owner.


Sixth Owner


Lack of parking space downtown prompted Baird to build a new Lone Star Bakery in 1970 on West Liberty, its present location.

While under Baird’s bakership, the Round Rock Doughnut was declared the best doughnut in Texas by Texas Monthly writer Richard West

(01) Glazed  -World Famous Round Rock Donut


Charlie Baird bought the bakery from Mrs. Johnson in 1965 to become the fifth bakery owner.

Fifth Owner

Mrs. Johnson continued traditional Moehring favorites and added fruit pies, spice cookies, and baked cinnamon rolls.


Louise Johnson, purchased the bakery from Moehring in 1960 to become the fourth bakery owner.  Moehring stayed with the business awhile as part-time baker.

Fourth Owner


Moehring moved the bakery to the building that once housed Rubio’s Grocery.


Selma and Louise sold the bakery to the third owner, Roy Hester. After Hester’s short stay, the bakery returned to original owner Moehring.

Third Owner

Selma and Louise ran the bakery from 1943 to 1946.


Selma Erlanson, Louise Johnson’s sister, became the second owner of Lone Star Bakery in 1943 when she bought the shop from Mr. Moehring.

Second Owner

Early 1940s

By the early 1940s Moehring had perfected the artistic creation which made his bakery unique: the renowned Round Rock Doughnut. At the same time he was experimenting with doughnut recipes, Moehring and an associate, Mrs. Louise Johnson, developed the popular Swedish rye bread which became another Lone Star Bakery tradition.



Moehring began experimenting with dough recipes in the 1930s in an effort to produce a specialty product that would enable his small-town bakery to survive.

Original Owner


Reinhold R. Moehring opened the Lone Star Bakery in 1926 on Round Rock’s Main Street